Bucks Learning Cooperative is a center that
helps teenagers live & learn without school by
supporting teens to create personalized educations
based on their interests, abilities and goals.

Bucks Learning Cooperative (BLC) is an expansion of Princeton Learning Cooperative, which has been growing--right along with our teens--since 2010. BLC opened in the fall of 2014, and we're currently looking for teens and families who are ready for an alternative to school. BLC also welcomes current homeschoolers looking for new connections and opportunities.

BLC students coming from traditional schools legally become homeschoolers. It's the simplest and most direct way for teens to leave school and create lives and educations for themselves. BLC will help to provide the support, resources, and community that living and learning without school require.

Interested in finding out more? There is lots to learn on our website, pictures on our facebook page, and we're always happy to chat. We also encourage you to come in person to our next information session (see listing on the right.)

The PLC Documentary: See our model in action!
Learn about our members' stories:




Current Princeton Teen
In school, Nathaniel felt pressure to perform, to be perfect. At PLC, he pursues his passions out of authentic desire and curiosity. Read more

Current Princeton Teen
Sara found it difficult to make it through a full school day. At PLC, she is a cheerful, enthusiastic leader of the community. Read more

Princeton, 2010-2015
Ben loved computers and electronics and wasn't getting enough in school. At PLC his interests connected him to the wider world. Read more




Princeton, 2012-2014
Cammy battled anxiety over homework and deadlines. With PLC she could pursue her passions on her own terms. Read more

Princeton, 2012-2015
KC felt silenced and stifled in school. At PLC she laughed again and led us in ways big and small. Read more

Princeton, 2013-2014
In school, Ashlin felt disconnected from her peers. Her confidence returned at PLC where she found a welcoming community and work she cared about. Read more